3 Insurance Challenges for the Modern Manufacturing Business

With broader customer bases, quicker turnaround times, and more client demands, modern manufacturing customers face business risks and legal liabilities that those in the past mostly avoided. If you are shopping for manufacturers insurance, you might recognize the many challenges of effectively protecting your business in today’s ever-changing marketplace. Here are three of them.

1. Understanding Risk

As markets change and technologies develop, it can be difficult for even the most diligent manufacturers to stay on top of risk management. While you might be good at identifying hazards to your business line, you likely don’t have the expertise to independently recognize all potential legal liabilities. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an insurance expert to get the protection your firm needs. Instead, you can rely on a skilled agency to completely assess your business needs. By collaborating with a knowledgeable provider, you can get only the coverage you need.

2. Combining Coverage

All businesses must have property and general liability coverage. Diligent manufacturers consider combining the following types of coverage for comprehensive protection:

  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Business Interruption
  • Pollution Liability
  • Products Liability

3. Purchasing Peace of Mind

Finally, to get some peace of mind, many manufacturing business owners opt to purchase Manufacturer’s Sales Price coverage. With this level of manufacturers insurance, coverage protects goods at the value of their sales price. Thus, instead of receiving loss reimbursement at raw prices, manufacturers get remuneration for the value of the goods.


Determining the Honesty of Job Candidates

Temporary staffing is hugely popular right now. Client companies base their choice on which temporary staffing agency to work with based on who has the best reviews, are widely recognized for their work, and are able to reach big candidate pools. Having qualified applicants makes the selection process easier, especially when a new hire is able to step in and fill a void for many of these companies.


When a permanent employee is out due to illness or on vacation companies must often scramble to fill a void that may be anywhere from a day or two, to a couple of weeks or longer. Unfortunately, the screening process does not always remove undesirable people from being accepted. Some people may enlist the aid of a temp agency to secure work, but they may have bad intentions. You may need staffing agency insurance if their dishonesty results in a claim being filed against you.


Applicants may lie in order to get work


During the interview, a temp agency must do their part to ensure candidates are being truthful about past work experience. This means checking with past employers and calling references. It’s vital that they recruit and retain appropriate temp workers. Businesses rely on the efficiency of their staffing partners, so they in turn must facilitate them by ensuring that the people they place have the necessary experience and can be trusted.


Now that the types of temp positions has evolved from basic, easy to place positions, (i.e. clerks or office support staff) to more highly trained or educated professionals, including physicians and computer programmers, staffing agencies need to determine if they have the necessary skills for the position they’re filling.


The most successful temporary staffing agencies take the time to adequately screen candidates. The bottom line is that it’s their duty to the client to maintain only the most qualified individuals, ones that are trustworthy. Honesty is hard to come by these days, but clients need to know that the people coming from the agency are competent and can step in without the need for much training and can get the job done.


There will be occasions where some applicants, desperate for work, will attempt to lie about certain skills or work experience, hoping this will put them into a higher pay bracket or get them to the top of the talent pool list. Temp agencies must confirm any skills and experience listed before placing these candidates. Scenarios such as these are why staffing agency insurance is a vital part of your overall success.


Nursing Homes and Cyber Liability Insurance

The healthcare industry has become a major target of cyber crime in recent years. Unfortunately, nursing home data is susceptible to hackers looking for an easy target. Sharing and transmitting information has made our lives easier but often comes at a price. While vital to any healthcare facility, improperly protected, when any of this information falls into the wrong hands it can cause personal, as well as financial and emotional harm.


Much of the data collected is highly sensitive, relates to an individual’s medical or financial information, and can be valuable to cyber thieves. Anyone working in the healthcare industry now knows there is an increased demand for better ways to protect this data. However, these hacks will certainly continue and nursing homes need cyber liability insurance to help deal with the fallout.


Electronic records face exposures and risks


Gone are the days of keeping information in a paper-based form. We live in a world that thrives on EMR (electronic medical records), and EHR (electronic health records) as a means of processing information faster and easier in a digitized format. This allows healthcare data to be quickly and easily transmitted from provider to provider, site-to-site, or even to external regulatory and billing entities. But this comes at a price.


The safest way for this data to remain secure is by the use of appropriate encryption and security measures. This must be established for all senders and receivers of the data. Sharing vital information over the Internet gives rise to security concerns since all a hacker needs to do is find a way into a computer system where this sensitive information is being stored.


Most websites developed for healthcare organizations for marketing and branding purposes are simply not very secure which makes them desirable to cyber criminals. As they gather increasing amounts of intellectual property and personal information they face many more risks and challenges. A breach can lead to costly liability claims, along with reputational damage, due to breach of privacy, infringement of intellectual property rights, and fraudulent billing, among other things.


These companies need to educate themselves about the real need for cyber liability insurance to handle certain risks detrimental to their functions.


All Dog Owners Need Dog Liability Insurance

It’s important not to wait until your dog has bitten someone to obtain coverage. At that point it will be too late to purchase dog liability insurance. Also, the animal will be considered dangerous from a legal standpoint, making the task of getting insurance even more difficult. While you may argue that this is not the animal’s normal behavior, the fact remains that the dog attacked and injured another person. Whatever the reason, without dog liability insurance, you could very well be liable for thousands of dollars in damages.

In a court of law, dog owners are liable for any injuries their pets causes, especially if the owner knew the dog had a tendency to cause that kind of injury, or a state statute makes the owner liable. Regardless whether or not the owner knew the dog had a tendency to cause that kind of injury, as the owner you must take reasonable care to ensure that your dog is kept at bay. Otherwise the court may rule that the injury was caused by unreasonable carelessness on the part of the owner.

Dog-bite statute (strict liability)

Under this statute, as the dog owner, you’re liable for any injury or property damage the dog causes, even without provocation. This law concerning dog bites in Florida is known as strict liability. Other states in addition to Florida, such as California, Ohio, and New Jersey, have strict liability laws for dog bite injuries, and state that the dog owner is liable for any injuries his or her dog causes.

Florida Dog Bite Law (negligence)

Strict liability differs from what are known as “one bite” laws, which do not fault the dog owner unless the dog has already injured someone previously. There are however exceptions to this rule. For example, if a person were found to be trespassing on private property, or provoking the dog when they were attacked, then the dog owner will likely not be found at fault.

In addition to strict liability laws, an owner can be found guilty on the grounds of negligence. Every state has some form or another of negligence laws. Dog bite injuries often fall under this area or more specifically under an area of tort law known as personal liability. You should always have dog liability insurance to deal with the issue of your dog biting or otherwise causing harm to people or other animals.

Storm Damage & Commercial Property Building Insurance in Orlando

Due to the nature of the region and the possibility that a major storm could hit the city of Orlando every year, many business owners have concerns relating to what may or may not be covered under their current policy. While some components of the storm, such as wind and rain, damage will be covered causes of loss, under a policy for commercial property building insurance in Orlando, they would not be compensated for damage resulting from a storm surge and flooding as these risks will likely excluded altogether.

State laws affect how coverage is determined

Many states have adopted an “efficient proximate cause” test to determine coverage when there is both covered and excluded perils contributing to a loss. However, this has no set meaning and courts may interpret the test differently. Some courts view it as “dominant” or “predominating” cause, while others might see it as the risk that sets other causes in motion. Without uniformity under state law, policyholders are left unsure as to whether their losses will be covered.

Provisions in some policies may complicate issues

Some policies contain what is known as an “anti-concurrent causation” provision, which provides that the insurance company will not pay for loss caused by an excluded peril, even if a covered loss contributes directly or indirectly or in any sequence to the loss. Through this clause, the insurance company may seek to avoid coverage entirely if there is even one potentially excluded cause responsible for the loss or damage. This enables insurance companies to contract around the efficient proximate cause doctrine.

Another complicating factor to the problem is the ensuing loss clause found in some policies, which reduces coverage for a loss from a covered peril that follows as a consequence of an excluded peril. For example, if a policyholder suffers loss from an excluded cause, (such as flood), but the building is consumed by fire shortly after, then the loss should be covered. With storms of significant magnitude, it is likely that insureds with such policy provisions will remain uncertain as to their coverage, at least until a more uniformed structure is implemented. Speak to an agent concerning your concern with your current commercial property building insurance in Orlando. It’s important to have the right policy in place.

Distracted Driving and New Jersey Commercial Auto Insurance

Ten percent of all drivers 15 to 19 years old involved in fatal crashes were reported as distracted at the time of the crashes. This age group has the largest proportion of drivers who were distracted at the time of the crashes, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. A 2015 Erie Insurance distracted driving survey reported that drivers do all sorts of dangerous things behind the wheel including brushing teeth and changing clothes. The survey also found that one-third of drivers admitted to texting while driving, and three-quarters say they’ve seen others doing it.

This not only demonstrates the need for new jersey commercial auto insurance, but stricter laws against distracted driving due to selfish individuals who place their wants above the safety of others. Accidents increase the cost of insurance overall, and using the time meant to practice safety while driving to instead, text, make calls using a handheld device (as opposed to a blue tooth system), or engaging in other activities is at the root of the problem.

Drivers of all ages are to blame

While texting occurs particularly among younger drivers, people of all ages seemingly can’t resist sending or answering a text while behind the wheel of their car. They don’t consider the consequences of their actions until it is too late. It only takes a second or two of taking your eyes off of the road for conditions to change and an accident to occur. If someone winds up losing his or her life because of this type of activity the tragedy of the situation goes much deeper.

For example, a child could run into the street after a ball, or another driver might quickly enter onto the street from a driveway. Someone paying full attention to the situation can possibly avoid being involved in an accident or much worse. Any number of things can spring up suddenly and your inattentiveness can result in financial disaster and longing regret.

Safety groups continue to press for restrictions on phone conversations and text messaging while behind the wheel, but in the end those drivers must bear the responsibility of refraining from the use of smartphones and other gadgetry when they’re supposed to be giving the task of driving their full attention, not only for their own lives, but for the sake of others. Having new jersey commercial auto insurance can fix a car but it can’t bring a loved one back to life.


Recreational Marine Programs For Your Insureds

As an agent familiar with the various recreational marine programs and the types of insurance required for your clients to be properly protected, you understand how vital this coverage can be. Your clients need to be properly insured to ensure that they don’t lose everything in the event of a major claim against them.


Having a commercial property policy that responds to the types of hazards that sometimes exist around marinas is vital since it provides coverage for the building, its contents, and any loss of business income due to business interruption, including acts of vandalism, fire, wind, and major storms.


The marine industry is fraught with exposures faced by the various segments and the possibility of a calamity occurring is something they must be aware of each and every day. You can help them look at each risk and evaluate and determine the type of coverage, limits, retention levels and special enhancements needed in order for them to be properly protected. You have access to a wide range of products and services and can provide them with added value.


Important coverage options


Anyone operating a club has a responsibility to provide safe and secure mooring to their customers. They need to consider the types of incidents that often occur in and around these areas mobdro for iphone and have their staff work diligently to make sure they are running a safe facility. Having a marina operator’s liability policy that covers boats (as well as other items belonging to clients and customers) that have been left in their care, custody, or control will give them added peace of mind.


Inform those interested in flood coverage that this is another important piece of the puzzle since this policy provides coverage to the building and the contents inside. However, it will not cover boats, docks, bulkheads, landscaping or any property outside of the foundation walls of the insured building. Whether we’re talking about boat builders, yacht clubs, boat dealerships, or marine manufacturers, they can all benefit from having similar insurance portfolios.


Depending on the size of their operations they may need an additional policy with higher limits of liability coverage. They can accomplish this by purchasing an umbrella liability policy. Another option is the broader bumbershoot liability policy. These policies offer broader protection, especially in case of a lawsuit. Help your clients understand their options available through recreational marine programs and to get the protection they need.


Surety Bonds in New Jersey for Performance and Payment

Surety bonds in New Jersey for performance and payment are crucial in the construction industry because, without them, contractors would likely be unable to secure projects. As many experienced contractors understand, the ability to bid on a public construction project is often decided upon based on the benefits it offers. They also realize that, for larger projects, whether on the municipal, state, or federal government level, the greater the odds are that there will be imposed a substantial performance and payment bond requirement.

Securing bonds gives contractors and construction managers a leg up on the competition. Bonds are in place to guarantee work, as well as any payments due to individual parties who perform services in the execution of these projects. Performance bonds are guarantees by a bonding company that jobs will be completed per the specifications of the contract.

How crucial are bonds for performance and payment?

A payment bond ensures that subcontractors and material suppliers are paid according to contract and these bonds are typically used in conjunction with performance bonds, usually on the same bond form. Even though they are frequently underwritten together, they represent two separate bonds. Like all surety bonds, they are issued by a company that backs the agreement between the contractor and the owner of the project relating to a particular job being done on the property owner’s site.

Contractors need to purchase these bonds whenever they are negotiating a construction contract, understanding that this is different from insurance, as the bonding company will not merely write a check if the intended party is unable to complete the required work. If a contractor or subcontractor is unable to complete a job then the bonding company may put the job out to bid with another selected contractor.

The cost of surety bonds in new jersey can often depend on a number of factors, including the size of the job at hand and its contractual terms, the amount of bonding coverage required, the principal contractor’s work record, the principal contractor’s credit score, and even the principal contractor’s other financial credentials. By providing your clients with surety bonds for performance and payment they will feel satisfied that their project is in good hands.

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