Distracted Driving and New Jersey Commercial Auto Insurance

Ten percent of all drivers 15 to 19 years old involved in fatal crashes were reported as distracted at the time of the crashes. This age group has the largest proportion of drivers who were distracted at the time of the crashes, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. A 2015 Erie Insurance distracted driving survey reported that drivers do all sorts of dangerous things behind the wheel including brushing teeth and changing clothes. The survey also found that one-third of drivers admitted to texting while driving, and three-quarters say they’ve seen others doing it.

This not only demonstrates the need for new jersey commercial auto insurance, but stricter laws against distracted driving due to selfish individuals who place their wants above the safety of others. Accidents increase the cost of insurance overall, and using the time meant to practice safety while driving to instead, text, make calls using a handheld device (as opposed to a blue tooth system), or engaging in other activities is at the root of the problem.

Drivers of all ages are to blame

While texting occurs particularly among younger drivers, people of all ages seemingly can’t resist sending or answering a text while behind the wheel of their car. They don’t consider the consequences of their actions until it is too late. It only takes a second or two of taking your eyes off of the road for conditions to change and an accident to occur. If someone winds up losing his or her life because of this type of activity the tragedy of the situation goes much deeper.

For example, a child could run into the street after a ball, or another driver might quickly enter onto the street from a driveway. Someone paying full attention to the situation can possibly avoid being involved in an accident or much worse. Any number of things can spring up suddenly and your inattentiveness can result in financial disaster and longing regret.

Safety groups continue to press for restrictions on phone conversations and text messaging while behind the wheel, but in the end those drivers must bear the responsibility of refraining from the use of smartphones and other gadgetry when they’re supposed to be giving the task of driving their full attention, not only for their own lives, but for the sake of others. Having new jersey commercial auto insurance can fix a car but it can’t bring a loved one back to life.


Buying Commercial Insurance in Austin TX

Every business owner needs to take the time to consider what his or her commercial liability coverage should consist of. An agent with knowledge specific to this insurance policy can help you to determine what risks and exposures you need to address, making it easier to decide how to best protect your business. You may want to balance cost-effective insurance solutions with coverage that will be sufficient for any and all liability concerns related to the products and/or services you provide to clients.

A policy for commercial insurance in Austin TX can be designed specifically to address your business and should include coverage for issues relating to property, general liability, commercial auto (when applicable), as well as umbrella insurance for excess damages beyond policy limits. Umbrella insurance coverage is great to have for times when a claim exceeds your liability insurance limits on your primary coverage.

BOP and commercial package policy options

Remember that your commercial insurance coverage requirements could depend on a lot of different variables. Many business owners prefer to buy multiple policies with different insurers, but this usually isn’t very cost effective. For example, if you buy a general liability policy with one agency and then purchase a policy for property insurance from another agency you’ll end up having to do twice the work when filing claims.

By bundling your coverage for your business under one policy with one insurer, either as a commercial package policy (CPP), or a business owners policy (BOP) you’ll not only reduce your overall premium costs, but managing your insurance claims and renewals will be much easier, saving you time as well as money.

You should decide what you want your deductible amount to be since this is the amount you must pay before coverage begins. Increasing the amount of the deductible on your policies will result in reduced premiums, which may be of interest to you if you want to have more cash available on a monthly basis.

Meeting with your agent each year to discuss changes that may affect your commercial insurance in Austin TX needs can be quite beneficial. This will help you to better manage your business, as well as any personal risk you might be exposed to. You should obtain multiple commercial liability insurance quotes for your company since benefits may vary from policy to policy.

Commercial Property Insurance For Orlando

While the country continues to rebound from the economic issues that sprang up over a decade ago, some property owners are still grappling with issues regarding commercial property foreclosures. Within the US, office buildings, shopping centers and residential properties have become vacant, or have lost revenues due to tenants vacating the premises for some time now. The impact will certainly affect many business owners and result in severe financial losses.

It’s important to understand how this will impact these businesses, not only their renewal pricing, but also regarding the coverage on the building. The vacancy issue is certainly significant, and many insureds are unaware that their Orlando commercial property insurance coverage can be affected if a building is left vacant for a long period of time.

In general, underwriters have concerns about extending coverage to any building that is vacant or left unoccupied. Insurance companies typically consider buildings to be vacant whenever less than 30% of the building is occupied.

Maintaining a secured property is advised

Many underwriters will often agree to waive the vacancy provision provided they receive assurance from the owner that the building is properly secured. This includes having a functional alarm system, as well as security patrols and/or cameras to properly monitor the building. Insurance companies often suffer claims due to vandalism by thieves attempting to scour for copper wiring, equipment and other valuable interior materials left on the premises.

The best way to prevent being vandalized is to have a good security system in place and also notify the broker immediately when any properties owned are on the brink of becoming vacant (many property insurance policies will convert to Actual Cash Value and/or reduce the coverage provided for buildings that are vacant over a certain number of days). It’s important that owners are communicating with their brokers whenever a building is unoccupied so that the broker can negotiate an extension or get the underwriter to agree to waive the vacancy provision.

While the property might be fully or partially occupied at the moment there could still be concerns about retailers or tenants vacating under the strain of their own current economic situation. Commercial property insurance in Orlando will aid building owners provided they have coverage in place for vacant buildings in the event that damages are incurred due to vandalism or other related exposures.

Product Defects and El Monte Manufacturers Insurance

Manufacturing plants are open to a variety of risks and exposures depending on the types of products being produced and sold, and those risks can vary. If for whatever reason an item that you produce in some way causes an injury due to a defect or, for example, poorly worded instructions about proper use of the product, this can have costly consequences. In order to minimize any liability exposure, or to defend your claims of product safety, it’s going to require El Monte Manufacturers insurance to protect you against any litigation in the event someone is injured while using your product.

Having prior, similar issues may be problematic

The basic principles of safe product design are to weed out any defects in design to eliminate hazards so that the US Consumer Product Safety Commission deems the product safe. If a hazard issue cannot be removed or fixed, then safety devices must be built in to prevent injuries from occurring. In any case, provide warnings wherever and whenever necessary.

In most product liability cases the defendant will try to assert that there’s no evidence of prior accidents. This will require the defendant to establish that, if there had been prior accidents, the defendant would have known about them due to the fact that there was a mechanism in place to check on the safety of the product.

Having no evidence of any prior accidents may simply be a result of there being no record keeping system in place to record such complaints or no knowledge of any actual incidents that took place. Therefore, evidence must be established before proof of a lack of prior accidents would be admissible. In order to lay the proper foundation for a defense of no prior accidents the defendant would be required to show that he or she likely would have known of those prior accidents if they had occurred.

Product Liability Insurance is a must have solution

Defective products are an unfortunate part of the negative aspect of the manufacturing industry. In El Monte it is prudent for companies operating in these types of operations to carry El Monte Manufacturers insurance, which includes product liability coverage. This can help to ensure that, if a lawsuit is the result of a claim of an injury due to the use of a defective product, that the company will have provisions as a result of having proper coverage in place.

Inquiring About Yacht Club Insurance Options

Yacht clubs provide a lot of services, including boat rentals, storage and repairs, along with a multitude of other services for their unique clientele. Your clients, whose livelihood exists in the operating of yacht clubs, need a comprehensive insurance package tailored to give them the protection that they need. Because these businesses are fraught with risks and exposures, both on land and at sea, they need to be insured against a number of hazards associated with this line of work.

It would be ashamed to under-insure a client, but having them buy too much coverage can increase premiums and that can lead to customer dissatisfaction as well. Therefore, most brokers look at their clients on a singular basis to determine what exactly needs to be insured against and this helps when making decisions about which types of coverage are needed and what may amount to an unnecessary expense. Investigating a client’s claim history and receipt of payments is always a good idea.

Make sure to get them the coverage they need

Yacht club general liability is essential and that includes club members, volunteers and directors and officers as insureds. The club’s liability for sailing regattas, sailboat races and boating instructional programs is also included and therefore protects the owner from various liability concerns.

Protection and indemnity for boats owned, borrowed, loaned, or rented by the club for use in their normal club operations is also needed coverage. Crew coverage should be included in this package as well. Your client will also benefit greatly by securing marina operator’s legal liability for third party boats at the club’s facility.

Pollution is among one of the greater concerns in the yacht club industry. Limited pollution liability will provide for clean up expense, damage to owned property and damage to third party property as well. This policy should never be overlooked as noncompliance to the laws can result in heavy fines.

You should also take the time to re-evaluate all yacht club insurance policies with your clients every year and determine if all of their current needs are being met.

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Fine Dining Insurance in Arizona and Food Contamination

Cross contamination creates health risks and the likelihood of customers becoming ill from food served to them. This is a potential risk that exists in practically any kitchen and, as the owner of a fine dining establishment in Arizona, this is the type of thing that can be very damaging to your reputation. More importantly, it could lead to lawsuits or other forms of litigation.

Kitchen staff that become lax and don’t adhere to safety provisions run a greater risk of serving patrons undercooked or contaminated meats, and for this reason it’s essential to have Fine Dining Insurance in Arizona and also to maintain a properly trained staff, one experienced in food handling procedures in order to ensure that no food borne illnesses are spread due to negligent or unsanitary practices.

Important safety rules for food storage

It is vital to understand how and why certain exposures exist as this can make it easier to prevent food contamination from occurring. Employees must follow a number of guidelines in order to keep your facility safe and sanitary. All staff should be well trained on those minor details that, if go unchecked, can contribute to the severity of the problems.

Raw meats like poultry are among the main carriers of harmful bacteria. While most bacteria are effectively killed when meat is cooked it’s essential that prior to cooking, any existing bacteria is not transferred to other foods on preparation surfaces. In order to prevent cross-contamination from occurring, keep raw and ready-to-eat foods separated at all times, store any raw foods in well-sealed containers on the lowest shelves in the refrigerator or walk-in cooler, that way, if any leaks occur they will not spill or drip onto other foods on lower shelves and contaminate them.

Staff should know the importance of using separate cutting boards for raw foods. It may even be a good idea to use color-coded cutting boards to help ensure they do not get mixed up. Different food groups should have designated boards, for example, one color for meat, one for vegetables, and one for dairy.

Even the most careful employees will make mistakes now and then, but food contamination is a very serious thing. Protect your business with adequate amounts of Fine Dining Insurance in Arizona for your food contamination concerns.

Managing Risk and Factory Insurance

The manufacturing industry provides goods and services for numerous companies and consumers that purchase those products. These businesses are responsible for the continued growth of our great nation. The manufacturing industry is also essential to our country’s success as it provides job opportunities for millions of Americans while contributing to the nation’s standing as an economic world power.

If you own or operate a factory or manufacturing plant, you have risks and exposures that could result in huge financial losses. You owe it to yourself and your clients and workers to carry sufficient amounts of factory insurance to mitigate any issues that may arise from day-to-day operations. Properly managing risks is essential to your existence as well as your growth.

You need to take the time to review your exposures to determine whether your current insurance coverage addresses them effectively enough. You’re likely going to need to invest in several policies in order to close any existing insurance gaps while realigning your current coverage, as this can wind up lowering your overall insurance costs.


Certain exposures can result in great financial loss

Along with your employees, your equipment is perhaps your greatest asset. A breakdown in your equipment will have the potential to cripple your business and you need to be able to minimize your losses. You should be prepared for situations that could potentially knock your operations off line and know exactly what it will take to get your operation back up and running should you be forced to shut down and rebuild after a loss.

Also, ask your agent to take a good hard look at your liability exposures to assess how much you can afford to risk in the event of a significant loss. The agency you choose to partner with should not only be experienced in your industry, but responsive and efficient. Those working exclusively with manufacturers will better understand your concerns and be able to address certain issues related to your field of work, thus allowing them to negotiate on your behalf for the right factory insurance at the best cost.

It would be easier if all you had to be concerned with was manufacturing products, but there’s also risk management strategies, loss control solutions, employee health benefits and HR services, all of which are required to safeguard your assets, drive down expenses, attract and retain employees and improve your company’s bottom line.

Accidents and Mistakes Factor Into Nursing Home Insurance Rates

The main focus of nursing homes is to provide the highest quality of life for the residents living there. But from time to time situations arise where injuries, often unintentional, end up causing severe pain for the injured party and may require lengthy rehabilitation. The need for liability insurance for nursing homes is crucial, and preventing injuries from occurring can help to reduce nursing home insurance rates.

Attendants and nurses must be extra careful with regards to the services they perform for their residents. But when working with frail individuals, often in poor health, it can result in issues that will need to be addressed. Having this valuable coverage covers medical costs and any settlements brought against the doctors and staff. Here are a couple of the common claims normally associated with this industry that having a professional liability policy will help cover when purchased alongside other insurance policies.

Accidental injuries to residents

Many patients will require assistance getting in and of their beds or wheelchairs. Lifting a patient multiple times a day can easily result in accidents occurring, even though a patient may be receiving the utmost care. Even cautious staff members can have an occurrence where a resident winds up suffering an injury. An event of this type can spur lawsuits against a nursing home, and owners must be ready to defend the actions of their staff.

Medication errors are cause for alarm

Nurses operating within nursing homes usually have several patients that they care for daily, so there may be concerns when it comes time to dispense medication. Since each patient will more than likely require different medications, and at different dosages, nurses must be well organized. If the wrong medicine or wrong dosage is accidentally given to a patient, the results can have serious, even fatal, consequences.

These sorts of mistakes unfortunately do happen. For example, if a staff member at a nursing home mistakenly gives an Alzheimer’s patient the wrong drug for issues with their central nervous system, this could result in his or her blood pressure dropping so significantly that it results in the patient dying.

These are common risks and exposures that all medical personnel must be cognizant of, and are best handled by owners having liability insurance for nursing homes. Brokers who handle this line of business should look into ways that their clients can save on nursing home insurance rates.

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Understanding the Complexities of Insurance CPP

For most small to mid-sized businesses, bundling a couple of standard property and liability policies is often a good way to go. This is commonly referred to as a business owner’s policy or BOP. But for larger or more specialized businesses, owners should seek out a company that offers a commercial package policy, or cpp insurance, which covers any combination of property, liability, crime and inland marine insurance coverages.

A CPP that includes equipment breakdown coverage will usually cover a wider range of issues that many of these companies often face, plus additional coverage is available to any and all qualified customers. Fortunately, a CPP is designed to add flexibility and customization that might not be offered in a standard business owner’s policy, or BOP. This policy also offers a great advantage to commercial clients that have a business with a higher than average risk, or for those owning the type of business that is generally considered “too unique” to fit into a standard one-size-fits all policy.

Many owners enjoy the benefits of purchasing a CPP

By packaging multiple policies into your cpp insurance, as the policyholder you will often be provided with extended coverage (and/or lower premiums) that you would otherwise not receive were you to purchase each policy individually. By taking advantage of these customized policies, you’re able to make one low payment that covers all necessary items and won’t end up paying for coverage that does not apply to your situation.

It’s equally important to know what’s excluded from your insurance cpp policy as well as knowing what’s protected. Customizable bundles don’t offer a couple of necessary items like workers compensation or directors and officers insurance. Workers Comp is required by law in most states depending on the amount of employees you have and must be purchased as a separate policy.

Directors and officers policies are necessary for non-profit organizations. Group life and disability policies are also separate items, each containing different policy choices and decisions. Think of it this way; policies that can be packaged together include items covering property and liability, as where items that cover people and HR must be purchased separately. When in doubt, ask a qualified independent agent.