Preventing Burglaries and Home Insurance in CT

Like many homeowners, you may be somewhat complacent when it comes to home security protection. The fact is that most people don’t properly engage in it, which is another reason why it not only makes sense to invest in home insurance in ct but to also take measures to prevent break-ins.

Obvious weak points to consider

While the risk of being seen breaking in is often a huge deterrent, most residential robberies actually happen in broad daylight, because a lot of people simply don’t lock their doors and windows. Another problem is that many homes have easy entry points, and a determined thief is probably good at accessing them.

Remember that an open door is an open invitation to a burglar to quickly enter, grab an expensive item, and depart before his or her presence is ever felt. Leaving a ground-floor window open on a hot summer night also provides an undeterred way inside to any thief.

Don’t become an easy target

While we like the idea of updating our Facebook status to inform friends that we’ve arrived in some beautiful and exotic place far from home, sharing such personal information can be a cause for concern. Crooks often target social networks for exactly this type of information, and with the knowledge that a home will be vacant they’ll seize this opportunity knowing that there’s little or no chance of being interrupted.

Locks and alarms help safeguard against intruders

Doors with locks can be something of a deterrent, but a determined burglar can gain entry either by kicking in the door or disabling the lock, so it’s best to address both of those issues. Make sure that the door is either solid wood or metal with a strike plate that is heavy-duty, and best secured with four, 3-inch screws. The lock should be a deadbolt or a knob-in-lock set with a dead latch for added security cialis en ligne pas cher. A strong, solid door with a sturdy lock can help to keep undesirables on the outside.         

While an alarm doesn’t stop anyone from breaking in, it does make a house a less favorable target. An alarm connected to a monitoring company means help will be quickly on the way. Displaying a notice with the alarm company’s name on it prominently outside the house may be a great deterrent. But when articles do get stolen, home insurance in ct can at least recover the replacement costs as stated in your contract.

Late Winter Storms and Putnam Connecticut Homeowners Insurance


Putnam connecticut homeowners insurance

Putnam connecticut homeowners insurance

The recent severe winter storms that hit the Northeast US wreaked havoc on many homes and businesses in several states. Winter storms are often the third-largest cause of insured catastrophe losses in any given year – after hurricanes and tornadoes,” said Dr. Robert Hartwig, president of the Insurance Information Institute (III) and an economist.


Winter storms accounted for 7.1 percent of all insured catastrophe losses between 1993 and 2012, placing it third behind hurricanes and tropical storms (40 percent) and tornadoes (36 percent) as the costliest natural disasters,” 


While a Putnam Connecticut homeowners insurance policy will generally cover the damages that those severe storms and blizzards can inflict on a house, including roof collapses, wind damage, and water leakage resulting from pipes bursting or gutters becoming clogged with ice, there may be instances where this is not the case.


Different circumstances could affect a claim


Roof damage and burst pipes will often raise specific issues that many homeowners need to know about. There are factors that could jeopardize any home insurance claim. Anytime that roof damage or a collapse occurs, it may result in a much different insurance payout than the same issue occurring to a neighbor’s roof. This may be regardless of the fact that both have the same insurer.


“Each roof-damage case comes with its own set of unique factual circumstances to consider. Frozen pipes that burst and leak water are one of the most common problems of blizzards and winter storms,” says Bob Blume, a claims manager in Colorado.


The root cause is often a lack of heat. That could be the result of cold air finding entry into a house through openings from the outside, or it can happen when a furnace malfunctions or completely stops working during a power outage.


Putnam Connecticut homeowners insurance policies can help to cover costly repairs for damages obtained from severe weather, fire, burglaries, and many other unforeseen events. Putnam has tornado activity that is higher than both state and national averages, and in the past has experienced tornadoes resulting in upwards of $5,000,000 in damages.


Hurricane, blizzards, and snowstorms have also made up the 11 natural disasters that have occurred in the area (including 4 presidentially declared major disasters). Residents with home insurance coverage may find themselves with less of a financial burden when having to repair damages due to these weather conditions. Independent insurance agents are an excellent resource when looking for quality insurance policies that will fit a resident’s budget.

Homeowners Insurance Protects Your Biggest Investment


Putnam connecticut homeowners insurance

Putnam connecticut homeowners insurance

For most people, buying a home is the biggest investment they will ever make. A common error that many people unfortunately make is failing to properly invest in Putnam Connecticut homeowners insurance. Everyone has heard stories of disaster occurring, but no one ever believes that they will be the subject of the disaster. It is always best to invest in protecting yourself and your biggest investment, no matter how small you believe the likelihood you will need it. This is a gamble that is far too risky.


The Importance of Protecting Yourself


There are a number of events that you can protect yourself against when you purchase comprehensive homeowners insurance:


  • Personal liability
  • Natural disaster
  • Property damage
  • Medical payment


The costs that are associated with many of the circumstances that insurance protects against can be absolutely astronomical. It is not a welcome scenario to have to pay for any of these issues without the help of insurance. A small investment today prevents a massive loss in the future.


Unforeseen Circumstances


It is absolutely impossible to predict whether or not you will need Putnam Connecticut homeowners insurance, and of course you should hope that you will never need it. However, the costs that can be incurred when a homeowner either goes without insurance or fails to properly invest in insurance are incredibly high. Just one incident can cause long-term financial ruin, so protect your biggest investment by making a small investment in thorough insurance coverage.