Liquor Liability and Fine Dining Insurance in Arizona

Fine dining establishments in Arizona provide an upscale experience for diners who want to have a special night out. These are the places to enjoy fine wine and spirits, move on to appetizers and salads, and eventually on to the main course. Ideally, the patrons leave having had a delicious meal and received exceptional service within a wonderful atmosphere, with every intention of returning, as well as recommending the place to friends.

Fine dining establishments have special needs when it comes to insurance, as opposed to the type of coverage that many generic restaurant insurance packages have to offer. This simply means contacting the right agent and discussing Fine Dining Insurance in Arizona and all that it covers. The agent you choose should work with you to ensure that the most essential coverages are written into your policy, and that any specific offerings associated with your fine dining establishment are covered and protected under the policy purchased.

Liquor liability is of the utmost importance

While it is true that fine dining establishments require many of the same coverage’s as all other types of restaurants, including family-style fare and fast-food, the coverage provided should be at a reasonable rate. Be prepared to discuss with the agent things like theft insurance, employment practices liability, and commercial property insurance.

Fine dining, at its best, can be a rather elegant experience. Added attention to detail, thoughtful service, and exquisite cuisine are just some of the factors that differentiate fine dining from a more casual atmosphere. Patrons who drink in excess can, however, mar a joyous occasion. Not only could they ruin the affair by causing damage, or worse, injury to workers and other patrons, but also the restaurant could be held responsible if a customer drives off inebriated and causes damages or injuries off premises.

For restaurants operating in the area, Fine Dining Insurance in Arizona from an agency that offers specific coverage queries and rates, is the most important step toward protecting your business, thereby giving your restaurant the best chance to succeed in a highly competitive field.

Preventing Grease Fires and Restaurant Risk Management

A major threat to any restaurant or bar owner is fire, which can be costly and ultimately destroy your business. Everything from grease accumulation to equipment malfunction and something as simple as poor housekeeping all carry the potential to create a serious fire hazard. Every year deadly fires, whether accidental, or caused by arson or natural causes decimate a slew of businesses across the Country. Unfortunately, average annual losses include two civilian deaths per year, 115 civilian injuries and $246 million in property loss, according to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA).

While over 70 percent of restaurant fires remain relatively small, they are still responsible for their share of damage to this industry. The loss of revenue, coupled with the stress this puts on your employees and the added cost of repairs can make rebounding from an incident an expensive task. If your business carries adequate amounts of insurance your company can be saved or restored, but in order to avoid these types of incidents altogether you need a sound restaurant risk management plan.

Proper cleaning can reduce the odds of a fire occurring

Grease and oil is a huge fire hazard owing to its highly combustible nature. Since most commercial cooking generates grease, there really is no way to completely erase the threat of fire. However, there are precautions you can take to decrease the likelihood of a potentially catastrophic event. This is where your restaurant risk management planning should begin.

Exhaust hoods and ducts are designed to collect cooking vapors and residues. Poorly cleaned hoods and ducts account for 21 percent of all fires. The NFPA’s fire code prescribes the minimum fire safety guidelines for cooking equipment, exhaust hoods, grease removal devices, exhaust ductwork and all other components involved in the capture, containment and control of grease-laden cooking residue. The NFPA standards are considered necessary to provide an appropriate level of protection against damage to property and loss of life.

Possible Features Of Your Restaurant Liability Insurance Policy

Restaurant Liability Insurance

Restaurant Liability Insurance

If you run a restaurant, there are many areas of business that need to be taken care of on a daily basis. Fortunately, insurance isn’t something that you have to always be thinking about, but it is something that needs to be dealt with. Before you open your doors for business, you might want to contact an insurance agent to see what type of restaurant liability insurance package you can get. The following are some features that might be included in your policy.

  • General Liability. This type of policy will protect you with situations that you simply cannot see coming, such as someone tripping and falling in your restaurant, or someone getting sick from the food you served them.
  • Liquor Liability. If someone gets drunk in your restaurant and then goes out and drives, causing an accident, you could get sued. Liquor liability is a feature of restaurant liability insurance that would protect you in such a situation.
  • Automobile Liability. If you have a car that makes deliveries, or just that you use as the company car, it would be a good idea to have automobile liability insurance for the vehicle.

As you can see, there are many features of restaurant liability insurance that you can benefit from in your restaurant business. Speaking to an insurance agent is a good way to find out more about restaurant insurance and which features you need to have in your policy.