Determining the Honesty of Job Candidates

Temporary staffing is hugely popular right now. Client companies base their choice on which temporary staffing agency to work with based on who has the best reviews, are widely recognized for their work, and are able to reach big candidate pools. Having qualified applicants makes the selection process easier, especially when a new hire is able to step in and fill a void for many of these companies.


When a permanent employee is out due to illness or on vacation companies must often scramble to fill a void that may be anywhere from a day or two, to a couple of weeks or longer. Unfortunately, the screening process does not always remove undesirable people from being accepted. Some people may enlist the aid of a temp agency to secure work, but they may have bad intentions. You may need staffing agency insurance if their dishonesty results in a claim being filed against you.


Applicants may lie in order to get work


During the interview, a temp agency must do their part to ensure candidates are being truthful about past work experience. This means checking with past employers and calling references. It’s vital that they recruit and retain appropriate temp workers. Businesses rely on the efficiency of their staffing partners, so they in turn must facilitate them by ensuring that the people they place have the necessary experience and can be trusted.


Now that the types of temp positions has evolved from basic, easy to place positions, (i.e. clerks or office support staff) to more highly trained or educated professionals, including physicians and computer programmers, staffing agencies need to determine if they have the necessary skills for the position they’re filling.


The most successful temporary staffing agencies take the time to adequately screen candidates. The bottom line is that it’s their duty to the client to maintain only the most qualified individuals, ones that are trustworthy. Honesty is hard to come by these days, but clients need to know that the people coming from the agency are competent and can step in without the need for much training and can get the job done.


There will be occasions where some applicants, desperate for work, will attempt to lie about certain skills or work experience, hoping this will put them into a higher pay bracket or get them to the top of the talent pool list. Temp agencies must confirm any skills and experience listed before placing these candidates. Scenarios such as these are why staffing agency insurance is a vital part of your overall success.


Nursing Home Workers Compensation For Protecting Staff

Workers in nursing homes face the risk of injury because of the strenuous tasks they’re committed to performing daily. These types of injuries can occur quite often and be the result of the duties and activities inherent to their job. As part of their service to patients, and the facility, they are often faced with having to lift heavy individuals, which can be a lot to bear on their own bodies.

Nursing home workers compensation insurance is not only mandatory for your clients to obtain, but it will provide the necessary financial and medical support those on staff will need if injured on the job and provide them with medical assistance as well as financial compensation during their recuperation and subsequent return to work.

Injuries related to nursing home staff

Musculoskeletal injuries are sometimes the result of slip and fall accidents, which often lead to sprained ankles, torn muscles, and even bruised tendons. Nurses and other caregivers would find it difficult to work with such an injury, plus walking with such a condition will often aggravate the injury and may lead to other issues and concerns. The act of constantly carrying people, at times at awkward angles, can result in back strains, herniated discs, and perhaps even over-extension of muscles, plus there’s the additional risk of creating major back problems and other musculoskeletal Kong: Skull Island 2017 movie

Exposure to pathogens and other infectious agents

Back and neck injuries aside, there are other acts or actions that can lead to a claim. For example, if a worker accidentally gets stuck with a needle at work. This can lead to a serious infection if a syringe contains viruses, bacteria, or other pathogens, many of which could put that worker at risk for a serious illness. Nurses are also required to handle biological waste, perform work with dangerous medicines, and come into contact with chemicals that can make them nauseous or sick.

Depression and anxiety can develop due to the work

The conditions at many assisted living facilities and nursing homes can result in workers developing emotional problems. Patients dying, or residents constantly screaming demands or suffering from intense pain, coupled with long work hours, a lack of natural sunlight, and even poor eating habits can have a negative impact leading to psychological ailments, including anxiety, depression, and eating disorders.

Your clients can only benefit from a staff that is healthy, happy and ready to work, physically and mentally. You can help by adding the valuable protection of nursing home workers compensation coverage to the mix.

Building Owners Insurance in Orlando Provides Protection

As a building owner you have special insurance needs. Much like a homeowner, you share concerns about property damage to your building and any surrounding property, as well as injuries that may occur to others while leasing or visiting on a piece of property that you own. As you know, the cost of repairs can run high, and that’s why we suggest that you invest in a comprehensive building owners insurance policy in Orlando.

You’re going to need coverage for a slew of exposures, because an unexpected event could make your business property uninhabitable, or at the very least cause some delays in its use. Whether it is due to theft or vandalism, or something more serious like a fire or windstorm, if your building is damaged or office contents are destroyed, it could very well be impossible to house tenants or to manage their current concerns. A business property insurance policy helps you protect the building, equipment and income that you rely on each and every day.

Accidents and injuries cause for concern

Anyone who enters or occupies a location that you own can file a claim or lawsuit for accidents or injuries they sustain. For example, let’s say that a part of the ceiling collapses due to water damage and this results in someone being hospitalized for a resulting injury. A business liability policy covers your building in case of accidents or mistakes that may occur on the premises.

And these are just a few of the issues that plague building owners. In addition, owning and running a building can be an enormous undertaking and responsibility. Business interruption can be extremely disruptive to any type of business and to those who utilize your building. This can result in a serious loss of revenue, and without proper coverage will often result in strained relationships and lawsuits. That’s why it’s important that your insurance partner has the expertise to recommend the best coverage options for your property.

With so many risks involved in being a property owner it’s just common sense to invest in building insurance in Orlando that provides all the protection that you’ll need.

Environmental Issues Related to Dry Cleaning Insurance

Global concerns continue to grow over the dangers associated with industrial plants and other companies that create toxic and chemical waste that pollutes the air we breathe along with the water we drink. Those operating in the dry cleaning industry face a lot of scrutiny and many challenges as they strive to run a cleaner and more efficient business.

While contamination of the environment is sometimes associated with dry cleaners, a service used daily by hundreds of thousands, something has to be done to reduce toxins being released into the atmosphere. Unfortunately many of the cleaning solvents end up in our water systems and this results in contamination of our groundwater aquifers and this can cost millions of dollars to repair. Because the property owner is liable in most cases, they need Dry cleaning insurance to help them pay for the cleanup.

Retail property owners understand the risks involved

Because of the issues at hand, many retail property owners often refuse to lease to dry cleaners with on-site plants, fearing the potential environmental hazards these tenants present. The list of businesses also includes photo-processing shops and gasoline service stations. While many operators of these facilities handle and dispose of their chemicals in full compliance with state and federal laws and regulations, it only takes a few violators to do immeasurable Logan 2017 film online now

Fortunately equipment technology and handling of hazardous waste have improved substantially in recent decades, so the damage has lessened to some degree and incidents are now considered slightly less common. However, a surprising number of chemical releases into the soil and groundwater have occurred unintentionally from the leaking sanitary sewer lines into which many operators have legally discharged their waste.

This type of liability leaves property owners, managers, and brokers desperate for new and perhaps better options. A number of solutions are underway, including state cleanup funds and guaranteed cleanups. One way that owners have begun to regulate their tenants is by requiring them to use the latest dry cleaning equipment technology and have regular inspections conducted by the property manager.

Insurance companies now often require more extensive soil and groundwater testing around potential contamination sources. Dry cleaning insurance coverage is essential after the fact, but prevention is also a major factor in reducing toxic conditions.

Manufacturers and Insurance NM

Manufacturers in New Mexico provide products for many different types of businesses all over the US and as such, must deal with issues big and small, from product recalls and equipment breakdown, to customer claims of injury or illness due to products sold to them by these giants of industry. As a manufacturer, you need to know you have purchased the NM Insurance coverage you’ll want and desire to help with all of the challenges you’ll routinely face as a producer of products or merchandise.

Business property insurance for the backbone of your company

One thing you’ll need at the outset is business property insurance coverage for your manufacturing company regardless of any other coverage you might have in place. Depending on the location of your enterprise, local weather conditions could wreak havoc on your operations. Whether it’s a windstorm, fire or other unexpected event, you’re going to need help to protect your building location, inventory, and valuable manufacturing equipment.

Business liability insurance for when things go wrong

Serious or life-threatening accidents can happen suddenly and unexpectedly and they can also be financially devastating for any manufacturing business. Having business liability insurance can help you protect your business in the event that a customer is injured due to a product or service you provided to them. Even an injury caused by the packaging will be covered under this policy.

Workers comp for your faithful employees

One of the key expenses for any business is covering employee-related medical costs as a result of a job-related incident. In most states, manufacturing companies are required by law to carry workers’ comp insurance. Without your employees, most of who are dedicated to ensuring that products are assembled and delivered on time, your business could suffer tremendously.

So you certainly wouldn’t want them to suffer unnecessarily due to an injury they experienced while at work? Your insurance can quickly deliver some much-needed benefits for work-related injuries and illnesses sustained by your employees.

Running a business takes a lot of hard work. From the start of the day, until the clock says it’s time to go home, you always hope that everything will run smoothly and efficiently. But this simply isn’t always the case, which is why your Insurance NM is designed for all of your issues and concerns, which makes them the logical solution.

Employment Practices and Staffing Insurance Issues

In today’s modern world, the threat of a lawsuit is an everyday reality. The dangers are even more real for staffing companies since they have a large turnover of temporary employees. And for those without a dedicated human resources (HR) department, or formal training to deal with the myriad of laws, rules and regulations that exist to protect employee rights, things can quickly turn sour. The need for staffing insurance has never been more apparent.


Statistics show that employment lawsuits have increase dramatically in recent years. One disgruntled worker can put an entire business at risk if he or she brings a lawsuit or discrimination charges against a manager or owner, despite whether the accusations are valid or not. The cost to defend those allegations alone can put a company out of business, not to mention the reputational loss often associated with such claims.


Employment Practices Insurance Greatly Aids a Business


To help mitigate risks, Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) has become a major element of small business insurance needs. EPLI generally covers a company for accusations of wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination and workplace torts.


Here are seven reasons EPLI is a must for small businesses:


  1. Employee lawsuits and discrimination charges are excluded under standard general liability policies


  1. Every employer, large or small, can be the target of legal action from past, present, and prospective employees


  1. Employees file over 90,000 charges per year with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission


  1. Employees win 70% of jury trials


  1. Many jury awards can exceed $1,000,000


  1. Employer defense costs can easily exceed $200,000


  1. Owners’, directors’ and officers’ personal assets can be at risk


Midsize businesses with 15 to 250 employees are sued more frequently than larger businesses, often due to inadequate HR/employment law management, ineffective loss prevention programs, and valuable unprotected assets to target.


A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) can help navigate a business owner through many of the HR issues that prompt suits and charges. While there is nothing that will guarantee that a disgruntled employee won’t sue, a PEO can go a long way in decreasing the likelihood by implementing better employee relations, thereby greatly reducing many risks.


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Infographic on a Guide to Staffing Insurance

We’ve broken down common risks that the staffing industry might face and provided a staffing insurance solution to reduce that risk in this staffing insurance infographic.