Building a Sound Insurance Lead Program

There are literally thousands of ways to implement a good insurance lead program. The trick is finding the ways that best suit a particular agency. Each case and scenario is different, but trying a different or new approach can sometimes get the desired results.


All agencies utilize a newsletter. That’ because sending a monthly newsletter to friends, relatives, neighbors, clients and prospects will allow them to be constantly reminded that they have an expert right at their fingertips, and it might even increase the number of referrals that they might normally provide.


Newsletters can also serve as a helpful reminder in a very non-threatening way, because there isn’t any pressure to buy anything. Keep in mind that the average person buys life insurance seven times during their lives. In addition to that, many of those same people will buy Disability Insurance, Long-Term Care, Annuities, IRA’s, and other investments, so it would be wise to try to get them into the pipeline.


Become a guest speaker and increase awareness


Financial experts have a lot of knowledge on how to help people to better manage their money, and can serve their own purpose by getting that message out there. Many associations are constantly on the look out for a qualified authority to share their knowledge with their members.


Press releases are another effective tool


Press releases are one of the most effective ways to drive potential clients to an insurance website, newsletter, conference, or seminar. This will allow an agent the opportunity to inform and educate prospects about the benefits of their agency’s financial services and reap major publicity with little cost, effort, or time lost. A press release provides the media with more information regarding why they should write an article about the agency or why they should invite one of their agents to be a guest on their program.


Another great way to get high quality leads is by joining (or forming) a lead exchange group with local business professionals that cater to the same ideal prospects, and who may have already built strong relationships with them. A lead exchange group will usually get together every week or two, for breakfast or lunch, for about an hour to exchange leads. These are all practical and proven ways an agency can bolster their insurance lead program and, hopefully, get the desired results.


photo credit: RLHydecc
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