Two Tips for Improving Insurance Agency Lead Generation

Selling insurance is a competitive business. The more qualified leads you have the greater the opportunity to hit your sales target. Digital marketing insurance strategies can help you build your lead pipeline and improve your chances for success.

Have a Great Website

Your website is the face of your business and one of the most important marketing tools available. It should stand out in the crowd and differentiate your company from the competition. A custom website with high quality content will help reflect your company brand and drive more traffic. It should be visually appealing, easily navigable and regularly refreshed with useful content. Another important features of a good website is it has to have a clear call to action so prospective customers know exactly how to contact you when they want to buy.

Use Social Media

Another aspect of a digital marketing insurance plan that can yield great results is a comprehensive social media campaign. Focusing on a handful of platforms rather than having a minimal presence on many is typically a more effective strategy. Thoroughly understanding your target demographic and how they use social media can help you pick the right platforms and position you for the best results.
Incorporating digital marketing into your insurance sales strategy is one of the tops ways to generate a higher number of better qualified leads and make more sales.


photo credit: Duke_Ellington 88 (license)