Negligence Claims and Small Business Insurance in Florida

If you run a small architectural firm in the Sunshine State you run the risk of lawsuits stemming from the services you provide and the work you perform. As professionals, architects and engineers face potential liabilities that place them at considerable financial risk because of the type of quality their clients have come to expect.

Architects professional liability insurance, available through insurers for small business insurance in Florida, provides coverage for allegations of negligence against firms in their performance of professional services in disciplines such as architecture, engineering and construction management.

Negligence claims are high among architects and engineers

For example, if you were to make consulting decisions that a customer alleges were outside of your realm of expertise, or you were to get involved in projects that do not progress at a rate as was anticipated, this can certainly increase your vulnerability to claims and open the door to some very expensive lawsuits. You’ll be happy that you invested in a policy that protects professional firms against claims made by third parties and is supported by responsive claims handling.

Architects, for the most part, do not guarantee a perfect plan or satisfactory result when taking on projects. However, when they bind themselves by contract to do work or to perform a service, it can be said that they agree by implication to use reasonable care and skill in doing so. The contract documents that govern the construction of virtually any project help to determine whether a liability issue has come into play.

There are the contracts between the owner and architect (and, in turn, between the architect and his consulting engineers) and the contracts between the owner and the contractor. For purposes of liability, the most significant aspect of these contracts is the plans and specifications, and more particularly the general conditions of the contract for construction, which usually are a part of the specifications.

Thus, breach by architects of the implied warranty may give rise to an action under contract for negligent services. Speak to an agent who can further demonstrate how small business insurance in Florida for professional liability issues can mitigate issues surrounding the work you perform.