Emergency Preparedness and Florida Windstorm Insurance Companies

Hurricanes and tropical storms are no strangers to these shores and wind damage can cause some major issues for homeowners. Both hurricanes and tropical storms can strike coastal locations at any time of the year, often with little or no warning. Florida has certainly seen its share of weather that brings extremely high winds to the region and the fact is that hurricanes can be life threatening along with causing serious hazards to your residence.

Many homeowners have lost irreplaceable items and been forced to vacate their homes, even requiring many to find temporary housing, often for long periods of time. Sadly, some return to find their homes damaged beyond repair.

As a homeowner you need to stay informed about weather conditions, and prepare your family for just what to do in the event of a major windstorm. You’re also going to need to purchase wind insurance in Florida to help deal with the aftermath of the storm and provide you with the coverage you’ll need to recover from any losses.

Bracing for the coming storm

Not every area is at equal risk of hurricane or windstorm damage and, if you’re new to the area you should find out how vulnerable you are to these types of natural disasters. Ask neighbors, as well as your community leaders about the current hurricane preparedness plan. The local emergency management office (or local chapter of the American Red Cross) often provides residents with details of this plan, including information about the safest evacuation routes, nearby shelters that exist or that will be made available, and just what conditions are necessary for recommended evacuation in certain areas.

As a precaution it’s always a good idea to keep trees close to your structure and any outlying shrubbery trimmed. Make trees less prone to becoming projectiles during a storm by removing diseased or damaged limbs, and also removing branches that will allow the wind to blow through them unhindered. Strong winds have been known to break weak or damaged tree limbs and hurl them at great speeds, making them extremely dangerous during high wind conditions.

If your home is located in an area where extreme high winds often occur, installing permanent hurricane shutters is suggested, as they will often provide you with better protection. Preparing properly can help reduce damages, but this is certainly no substitute for wind insurance in Florida when a major storm is heading your way.