As people have begun to note the hazards of bunker oil pollution damage, more interest has arisen around this substance. But unfortunately, many businesses don’t know why it’s controversial or why they have to have insurance protecting against it. So here are some facts to help you learn about this fuel source. 

1. It Has Many Names

There are a lot of names for this fuel source in the shipping industry. But unfortunately, the overlap can confuse laypeople. The two most common names are heavy fuel oil and bunker oil. That said, there are plenty of others you might see. 

2. It’s Widely Used

Since the 1960s, the number of ships using heavy fuel oil has risen drastically. More than half of the commercial vessels on the ocean use this type of fuel. The reason for its popularity is because of its price. It’s significantly cheaper than other fuel sources. 

3. Bunker Oil Pollution Damage Is Dangerous

Both humans, the environment, and animals are at risk when bunker oil is spilled. With the growing concern over climate change, this fuel source’s spills often receive much attention. If you’re a manufacturer, you’ll want to ensure your business is adequately insured in case of accidents. 

Many shipping companies use bunker oil to complete their shipments. However, this is still a controversial fuel. That’s why businesses need insurance covering spills and other issues related to heavy fuel oil.