Protecting employees is the duty of all employers, but that becomes particularly challenging when those workers are out at sea. Many things can happen to employees when they’re placed on non-owned vessels to perform their employers’ tasks. These are the top three exposures covered under marine employees liability or MEL insurance coverage.


Employees who are confined to a vessel have a higher chance of contracting an illness. Because they’re often in close quarters, outbreaks of conditions like Legionnaires’ disease or norovirus can spread quickly. In addition, proper medical help can be miles away.


The nature of marine work such as construction, welding, or oil drilling poses the same risks as on land. However, injuries can also occur in rough waters and without immediate access to rescue equipment. This compounds the problem and creates additional exposures that can be insured against with MEL insurance coverage.

Loss of Life

The worst catastrophe that can befall an employee is death. Because vessels at sea present more perils than worksites on land, the danger to life is more acute. Proper insurance coverage indemnifies the family of workers who tragically lose their lives in the course of their work duties and may shield companies from lawsuits.

MEL insurance is essential to protect employers and employees from the consequences of mishaps on certain sea vessels. The right coverage provides peace of mind and legal compliance, making it essential to a risk management strategy.