Many staffing firms allow or require employees to drive personal or client vehicles for business purposes. According to, that increases company liability. Having the right type of insurance can help minimize risks.

1. Staffing Agency Employees Drive Multiple Vehicles

If one of your employees were to be involved in an accident during the course of normal business, your company could be liable for any damages or injuries that result. That applies even if the employee is driving a personal vehicle, and even if they do not have the proper coverage in place. The different vehicles your company’s employees might drive might include those that are:

  • Employee-owned
  • Rented
  • Client-owned
  • Owned by your business

2. Your Business Auto Policy Only Covers Company-Owned Cars

Among that list, the only instances your standard auto policy will cover are the accidents involving company-owned cars. In some cases, rental vehicles may be protected by their own specialty policy offered through the rental agency. That leaves your business open to a lot of potential liability.

3. It Protects You From Claims

Having a non-owned and hired policy in place means that you are protected if an employee, officer or volunteer of your company is involved in an accident. Plans can cover medical expenses and property damages. Some also extend liability protection to your client if their vehicle was involved, but you should review your policy to be sure.

Staffing firms face increased liabilities compared to other types of companies. That doesn’t mean they have to go without protection. Non-owned and hired vehicle policies can help limit liability.