Search engine optimization is creating content that causes a site to rank higher in search results. SEO creates visibility for your agency among people looking for insurance.

Insurance SEO specialists help drive traffic to your website by creating optimized, industry-specific content.

Content is King

Your content must be valuable to your customers and well-planned with targeted and researched keywords. These terms should be natural and flow within the text. Ensure your webpages contain detailed and relevant information to meet the needs of your clientele.

Citation Creation

Online citations refer to any internet reference of your agency’s name, address and phone number and directly affect local search results. All appearances of your contact information must be identical.

Insurance SEO specialists build local citations to create greater visibility for your organization. Accurate information in multiple locations makes it easy for people to find your company online.

Backlink Strategy

Backlinks refer to hyperlinks found on other webpages that send users to your site. Find other businesses or blogs that will partner well with your services and ask them to place a link to your page in exchange for a link directing people to their sites. Both parties benefit from the agreement and gain more leads.

The insurance niche is highly competitive. Agencies benefit from hiring insurance SEO specialists familiar with both the industry and digital strategies.