If you’re a homeowner near the coast, your home insurance policy is likely different from that of someone who lives further inland. Although both types of policies protect against damages to your home, coastal home insurance differs from standard home insurance in three key areas.

1. More Comprehensive Coverage

Insurance coverage for waterfront properties typically has more comprehensive coverage than standard home insurance because coastal properties are at a higher risk for damage due to severe weather conditions and flooding. If you live near the water, it’s vital to ensure that your home insurance policy covers you for all potential risks.

2. Higher Premiums

Because coastal insurance policies offer more comprehensive coverage, they also tend to have higher premiums than standard home insurance. Be sure to ask providers about how you can get discounts to ensure coverage at a reasonable price.

3. Specialized Providers

Not all home insurance providers offer coastal insurance policies, because many consider it a high-risk investment. If you’re looking for this type of coverage, you may need to work with a specialized provider.

Being aware of what you can expect from a coastal property insurance policy is helpful when looking for an insurance provider. If you own waterfront property, it’s essential to research, shop around and compare rates from different insurers to ensure you’re getting the best deal.