Business companies need insurance for many reasons. Someone may have an accident on the job or an employee may act in a wrongful or negligent way.

Comprehensive general liability insurance covers these things and more. Here are the reasons you need such coverage.

1. If You Send Your Employees to Other Locations, You Need Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

If you send out employees to do work on other properties, having liability coverage is a must. If one of your workers damages someone else’s property or causes an injury, someone could sue you.

2. You Need This Insurance if Customers Come to Your Building

If customers come into your building, you need liability insurance. A court could hold you liable if a customer falls and gets injured.

3. If Your Job Involves Speaking or Writing About Clients You Need Coverage

Despite your best efforts, a client may see what you’ve written or said as slander. That customer could sue you, and you would need to pay for legal defense and possible damages.

4. If You Handle Equipment Belonging to Others, You Need Coverage

You need liability insurance if you handle equipment belonging to others. Should employees damage that equipment, a court could hold you liable.

Running a business means facing uncertainties. Having the right insurance gives you peace of mind.