Working as a nurse can be an extremely rewarding career. However, there is also a dark side to nursing. It is not uncommon for nurses to get accused of malpractice or HIPPA violations and nurse lawsuits are the usual result of claims like these. Additionally, there is a chance you could get assaulted by an unruly or agitated patient while you are working which could lead to expensive medical bills and unpaid time off. Luckily, nurse insurance can help protect you in both of these circumstances.

What Is Nurse Insurance?

Nurse insurance is a category of insurance coverage that is specially made to protect nurses from a variety of financial risks commonly faced in nursing. This type of insurance typically costs only a small monthly premium.

What Types Of Coverage Can You Get With Nurse Insurance?

There are many types of coverage that fall under the umbrella of nurse insurance. Some of these coverage types are:

  • Professional liability coverage
  • Assault coverage
  • Property damage coverage
  • License protection coverage

When you purchase nurse insurance, you aren’t obligated to get all of the coverage types mentioned above, only the ones that you feel meet your specific needs.

Working as a nurse can be very financially risky at times. Purchase nurse insurance today to make sure someone has your back in even the worst-case scenario.