It is astounding how often construction contractors are railed on by their clients, particularly those with little experience dealing with contractors, like homeowners seeking to remodel their home. Many of these homeowners have no problem understanding that their own outdoor home improvement projects are subject to all sorts of setbacks and delays. They understand when unexpected wind, rain, or snow prevents them from working on their projects. They get it when the temperature is too cold to apply a coat of paint. They understand when sometimes they can’t find the part they need at the local hardware store. They get over it when they invite a group of friends over to help complete a deck, only to have one or more bail on the actual building day. But they have trouble understanding when these exact same things happen to a construction company. They too are subject to the whims of weather, must deal with material shortages, and absentee employees.

On the other hand, the interests of an insurance company are not always in line with those of a homeowner. The homeowner would like to have 100% attention on their project while the contractor company likely has many clients that he must juggle carefully in order to make a profit. An important financial instrument for the homeowner is the purchase of New Jersey surety bonds. The New Jersey surety bonds work like insurance to ensure that your contractor keeps his obligations on time.