A Word From Our Sponsor On Creating A Day Care Insurance NJ Policy

Day care insurance NJ policies should be written and developed with the same thoughtful care that goes into planning the daily activities and nurturing environment for the children receiving day care services. The insurance company that you have chosen for this coverage should have a history of specialization in covering the childcare profession and should allow you to be involved in the development of a policy that will suit your specific needs.
Not all childcare centers are the same. Some are part of a corporate plan for the welfare of their employees and are located at the parents’ place of business. Some childcare facilities provide nursery and preschool activities as well as basic childcare. The first step in developing your day care insurance NJ policy is to specify which type of childcare establishment you operate. The next thing to do is to choose the vital areas of coverage. Every childcare center will need some form of general liability and coverage for the event of accidents involving children and staff, and coverage for the physical property of your childcare agency. You will then want to consider specific coverage for things like child abuse allegations or coverage for children with special needs.
Finally, cover with your day care insurance NJ agent, which additional services the company can provide for you. Most insurance companies are willing and pleased to offer educational programs to help minimize your risks and reduce the amount of accidents that occur at the day care.