A Word From Our Sponsor On Errors And Omissions Insurance For IT Companies

Does your company provide information technology services or devices? Maybe you are a software or website developer. Maybe you are an IT administrator or provide IT services to other businesses. Whatever your focus may be, you assume liability when providing these services and products. While your company may carry general commercial liability insurance, this will probably not protect you against IT related claims.
There is additional commercial insurance developed specifically for the needs of those working in IT. By carrying technology errors and omissions insurance, you can protect yourself against significant risk. A number of circumstances can lead to a liability claim against an IT provider. Software code containing unintended security vulnerability can open up your client to hacking. Allegations may be made against your company for software copyright infringement. Any defects in devices, components, or even software can lead to significant financial losses for your clients. In the event that a case is filed against you, technology errors and omissions insurance will cover your legal defense fees and any resulting judgments, up to the limits outlined in your policy.
It would be wise for you to put such a policy in place prior to launching a product or site. Such a policy should also be in place prior to providing any IT services or products. This protects you from such liability before it has a chance to occur.