There are several risks involved in the granite countertop manufacturing industry. Accidents can cause damages in product, or even natural faults that aren’t caught can cause problems later on. The product is not the only thing to consider, though. Workers must install the final product. The product must be transported to the customer. Plus there are several risks involving the actual manufacturing, especially when it involves incredibly heavy stone. These are just a few of the possible risks and all good reasons to get a manufacturing insurance NJ policy. This kind of policy is specifically designed to meet your company’s unique needs. It’s a good idea to find an insurance company who understands your business. They will be more likely to be able to give you better advice and create for you a more well rounded policy.
When you’ve narrowed down your search of insurance companies, you’ll want to look at the specific types of coverage they offer. You want to be sure the most important parts of your business are looked after in your manufacturing insurance NJ policy. If you rely heavily on transportation to deliver your product, you’ll want to be sure to include commercial auto insurance. You’ll also want to include liability, excess liability and workers compensation. You will likely be in other peoples’ homes and you may have a storefront of your own. So, you’ll want to make sure you have property coverage for both yourself and others. Whatever you do, be sure to consider your policy carefully. It could save you a bundle in the end.