A Word From Our Sponsor On IT Liability Insurance

If you work in the area of IT, your general commercial liability insurance may not provide adequate coverage against serious financial risk. IT service and device providers are open to a unique set of potential liabilities. Protect your company with a technology errors and omissions policy.
A technology errors and omissions policy protects you from claims related to software performance, contract performance failure, code-related security breach, software copyright infringement, and device malfunction. Any of these circumstances can result in significant financial loss for a client. Carrying a technology errors and omissions policy will cover the costs of defense fees and judgment fees resulting from such claims against you.
Moreover, when you hold such a potential liability policy, your employees are covered as well. This generally includes W2 employees as well as 1099 subcontractors. In addition, your coverage will not be limited by the geographical location in which the work was done or where the client operates. It is global coverage.
Protect your company and employees before you assume IT service related liability. Obtain errors and omissions insurance prior to launching any software or website, before selling any IT device or component, and previous to carrying out IT services. Doing so will protect your business against potentially devastating financial losses that can occur due to unforeseeable events. No service provider is immune to error. Accidents will happen and unfortunate outcomes will transpire, however infrequently. Protect yourself before they have the chance to occur.