Many cleaning companies are not as careful maintaining their insurance as they probably should be. Some smaller business think that the labor is not flashy, it’s “just cleaning” and probably not worth worrying about fancy business things like insurance. Other small businesses operate at a very small margin and feel that insurance is a justified cost. However, any business that is conducted outside of the home is at risk of liability and suit. If any business is in it for the long run, then cleaning business insurance should be carefully researched and considered.

The cleaning industry has risks associated with it not shared by other businesses. The basic business insurance has four important areas that you should verify exist in your policy: general liability insurance, workers’ compensation, commercial auto coverage, and equipment breakdown.

Once you have the basic coverage in place, then you should consider the important components of a cleaning business insurance policy. The first is lost key coverage to replace lost keys or install new locks. A second is coverage for the customer’s property where you perform your cleaning. Don’t assume you are covered under the client’s visitor insurance. You should also have coverage for theft of client property. Even though you are honest, this could be important if you are an employee accidentally leave a door open and a thief gets in. Choosing the right components for your cleaning business insurance will protect you against risks and help you stay in business for a long time to come.