If you are just starting out as a new lawyer, one thing you may not know is that you should have errors and omission insurance lawyers coverage. You have probably heard of professional liability but in the case that you are ever sued by a client that simply will not be enough protection. Errors and omissions insurance is a policy that protects you and your law office when there is a mistake made with a client or if a client feels that the representation was not adequate. For example, if you are handling a case and a legal filing was submitted to the court a day late by your law clerk because of a simple miscommunication, you could be legally sued by your client for any monetary damages the late filing may cause.
Having errors and omissions insurance lawyers coverage means that you will not likely have to pay out-of-pocket when a judgment is made. This type of insurance can also cover any costs associated with defending your law office in the case that it is sued by a client. Without this type of insurance your law office will have to pay the damages and the large settlement could financially ruin the stability of your practice. Errors and omissions insurance also protects you even if you have done nothing wrong and are still being sued by an upset client. When looking for adequate insurance you want to make sure that the policy is designed for a law office.