It can be quite clear to many people that when dealing with consultations, errors & omissions insurance for insurance agents can be quite beneficial. It is also generally pretty easy to understand that this insurance tends to help insurance agents who are being sued with the cost of defending in a court case. A question that might arise when looking into this insurance, however, is what kind of coverage should an insurance agent have?

It is difficult to say what type of errors & omissions insurance for insurance agents is right for any one person, since people and agencies differ. An insurance agent can help to tailor a specific policy to a person, so it is recommended to consult with one. Coverage can include such things as cost of defense, negligence (possibly both actual and alleged), copyright infringement, claims and damages, or even personal injury (such as slandering someone). Of course, different policies will and will not cover certain things, so it is good to check your policy closely. It is also difficult to give a specific definition for each of these items, as it is possible different agencies will define them differently. It is wise to be aware of this.

These are just a few items that errors & omissions insurance for insurance agents may cover. For specific coverage information, as well as information on what additional things an agency may cover, it is recommended that you consult with an insurance agent.