If you own a business and have vehicles associated with your business, you may be wondering whether you should get a New Jersey commercial auto insurance policy to cover those vehicles. This article includes information about the differences between commercial and personal auto insurance policies so you can determine which one may be right for you.

If you are not sure about whether a vehicle would be considered a personal or commercial vehicle, first consider its primary usage. Do you or one of your employees primarily use the vehicle to commute to and from work, run personal errands, and do things outside of work? If so, this may be considered a personal vehicle and would be more appropriate for personal auto insurance.

If you have a vehicle that is primarily used for purposes related to your business, or you have a specialized vehicle, transport items, or haul items for work, you may want to consider covering it with a New Jersey commercial auto insurance policy. These policies can provide coverage for things like physical damage, repairs, and medical expenses for your or your employees who are in the vehicle in the event of an accident or other damage to the automobile. It may also cover lost income if the loss of your vehicle affects your ability to work.

There are many options for New Jersey commercial auto insurance policies, and it is essential to find one that fits your business needs. Talk to an insurance agent about what is available today.