The times have changed and people have noticed because there are many insurance policies that are required to stay protected from the many things that can happen. Many professionals now require their own errors and omissions policies where it used to be only doctors, lawyers, and other highly visible professionals that required such a policy because of how sue happy people have become. If you are a real estate agent you probably require an errors & omission insurance real estate agents policy to stay in business if this occurrence ever happens to you.
When people are dealing with real estate they can get really emotional about their desires and what they can really afford. If someone can’t afford something but they still want you to make it work they may blame you when you aren’t able to get the price down. You may also be blamed for contractual agreements that weren’t signed properly or deals falling through without any of your actions warranting it. With your errors & omission insurance real estate agents policy you can protect your business from a huge loss because of legal fees that can arise. You may have to get a lawyer to protect yourself and you won’t have to worry about cost because your policy should be there with you every step of the way. You will be able to stay in business without worrying about every threat of lawsuit that comes up.