A Word From Our Sponsor On The Terms Specific To Auto Insurance

When it comes to New Jersey commercial auto insurance you may think it is helpful to become familiar with a few terms that are used in the insurance industry. You may not hear these terms elsewhere so they may seem foreign to you. Learning the definitions of these insurance terms can help you when you are navigating New Jersey commercial auto insurance.
One term that you may run into with auto insurance is bodily injury liability coverage. This coverage is part of your liability coverage on an insurance policy. If you are the person blamed for an accident of some sort in your auto, this coverage will pay for the death or injury of anyone involved in the accident. This may be people in your vehicle as well as other vehicles involved, or even people not in a vehicle that have been injured in some way.
Commercial Driver’s License may be another term you may run into. This is also known as a CDL and is a certain type of license used by a driver of vehicles that are over 26,000 GVW, or any vehicle that carries over 7 people.
Comprehensive coverage comes into play when your auto is damaged from something that is not a collision. This may be a theft or fire of some sort. It may also be a bad wind or flood. Visit our website for more info.