When you are a contractor you have a variety of insurance needs that other businesses may not have. Also, contractors can vary greatly and therefore have different risks. Maybe you work for yourself, or maybe you have a team that works under you. Whether your business is big or small you face many risks that you will need to consider when looking for a contractors insurance NJ company.
The nature of your work includes dangers that other businesses don’t have to deal with. You may work with construction, plumbing or electricity. When any sort of construction is not in its final form there are more risks of bodily injury. Plus other people may be on the site where you are working and if they are injured, you may be liable. A good contractors insurance NJ company will give you general liability coverage to take care of most if not all of these scenarios.
If you have a bigger business you many require more types of coverage like worker’s compensation and disability for yourself and your employees. Even if you don’t have employees, you are the only source of your income and have no company to take care of you in any way. You will need extra support if you are sick or injured. If you do have employees and one of them gets injured while on the job, you may be held responsible. You may also need commercial auto and truck coverage if your work requires a vehicle. Whatever your needs, a good company will be able to cater an insurance package to fit your unique requirements.