If you run a daycare facility from your home then you may want to consider purchasing coverage from a daycare insurance NJ company. There are several different types of coverage that can cover you in case of damage to your property or physical injury to one of the children in your care. The policies may differ depending on whether you run a licensed or unlicensed facility.
Many daycare insurance NJ agents will offer you limited insurance on your day care through your homeowner’s policy. Of course they will charge an additional premium, but you may be able to be covered through your current policy. However, most licensed facilities need to have a business policy in place to cover their daycare facility.
There are several different types of policies to choose from. If you choose coverage through your homeowners insurance then you will not be protected for any child abuse incidents. There is also general liability insurance that covers each child on the premises of the day care and also on field trips that you may take as well.
You can also purchase a maximum coverage policy through a daycare insurance NJ company that will cover child abuse as well as personal injury, field trips and liability in vehicles, medical expenses due to accidents, and any legal costs that may be incurred if you were sued by a parent. Be sure to discuss all your concerns with a local agent so they can provide the right type of insurance for you.