You may be surprised to find out that your homeowner’s insurance does not cover certain natural disasters. For instance, standard homeowner’s insurance policies do not provide coverage for loss or damages resulting from a flood. In order to obtain this coverage, you will have to purchase a separate flood insurance New Jersey policy.

Doing so is wise, especially if you live in a floodplain. That said, not all losses or damages resulting from a flood are covered, even in a flood insurance New Jersey policy. Let’s discuss what is typically covered in a standard flood insurance policy.

Structural damages and generally covered. This means that damage to your walls and foundations are covered. Structural damage clauses also include electrical systems, plumbing systems, and central air, and heating systems. Carpeting, cabinets, drywall, and flooring are generally included, as are many large appliances. In additional, this section of a standard flood insurance policy will also cover the removal of debris.

Personal property loss is also typically covered in flood insurance New Jersey policies. This includes items such as clothing and furniture, along with valuables such as jewelry or artwork. Household electronics such as computers, stereos, and handheld devices are typically covered. Often food that is rendered inedible is also included in coverage. Of course, all of this coverage only reaches to the monetary limits outlined within the policy.