Almost any company can have Errors & omission exposure. This insurance coverage provides for situations where a customer will hold you responsible for a service you did provide, or a service you failed to provide. It could also be for a service you provided for a client that they feel did not meet the expected result. Healthcare professionals as well as lawyers and other types of professionals are familiar, or should be familiar with this coverage.
If someone files a lawsuit the allegations do not necessarily have to be true. But it is going to be expensive to defend yourself and that is why errors & omission insurance is important. Professionals probably have this type of insurance in place. If you work in the service industry doing such things as advertising, or wedding planning, or even a web hosting company you could find yourself in the middle of a lawsuit. If your business does anything for which you charge a fee that might create a disgruntled client, you probably should have errors & omission insurance coverage.
You try your best to do the best job you can for your clients. You know your reputation is what will continue to make your business grow, but mistakes happen. Talk with your insurance agent and see if your business has an E&O exposure. If you do they will help you to get the coverage you need to protect your business.