When people are doing services for others there are bound to be mistakes made at some point. Any business that relies on others to get some jobs done should get error and omissions insurance. They should get the protection they need from the tiny mistakes they make to blow up into a large lawsuit or cost. Here are a few examples of the professions that need this insurance.
There are professions where a mistake may not end up being a large deal, but there are others where it can be a very costly mistake. If you are a lawyer and you end up filing a court document too late your client may be very angry with you and expect you to pay for the extra court fees or they may even sue you for damages. You can have those expenses covered under your error and omissions insurance policy. You can’t go wrong if you have the right insurance. You can have general liability insurance, but those policies usually don’t cover mistakes that you make. You should go over what your policies actually cover and then get the coverage you need.
Speak with your insurance agent about all of your risks and how you can be better protected from them. You deserve to be protected against all the things that can go wrong on a job.