Anybody who has ever had to run a business will probably chuckle as they tell you that they have had to go through a lot of things that they never thought they would when they were just starting up. Looking back on their experiences, they may even make some recommendations, such as investing in a good e & o insurance policy to back you up no matter what. If you are a little unsure why that might be, consider some of the reasons why we think that e & o and YOU must go together from the start.
Most businesses enter into some type of contractual relationship with someone else, promising to give services or products that are requested by the customer. In the case that the project is not completed adequately, or for some reason the client considers the actions of your company to be negligent, you might find yourself looking straight into a lawsuit. Such things are costly, and involve fees from all angles, including the lawyer, the court, the settlement, and other things that simply drain your bank account. Errors and omissions insurance is the thing that can help a business like yours make it through a lawsuit without losing all of the money they had previously made. The insurance policy helps to cover those fees, giving you a much-needed break. Get your e and o insurance set up today.