When a client isn’t happy with the outcome of their legal case, sometimes they sue their own attorney and this is where a errors and omissions insurance lawyers policy comes in handy. When a lawyer represents a client, they do so to the best of their ability but sometimes the client is just not happy and decides to take legal action claiming that the attorney made a critical error that cost them or that the attorney simply did not do a competent job. This can create loss of revenue, public humiliation for the attorney or law firm, and cost the law firm thousands of dollars in legal defense costs.
Errors and omissions insurance lawyers coverage protects a lawyer against angry clients who may feel that the lawyer did not do everything they could have done, even if they did. Emotions run high when a client feels they were in the right and should have won and this can put a lawyer at risk of being sued. The insurance policy covers legal costs of defense for the attorney or law firm being sued and will oversee any judgments handed out as a result of the court’s findings.
Lawyers and law firms should check their professional liability policy to make sure that they are appropriately insured for errors and omissions issues. If not, they should look into getting a policy that specializes in errors and omissions insurance lawyers needs to make sure that they are fully protected.