As a board member or other high standing official of a company you are representing the company you are working for. You are working hard to ensure the job you are doing is representing them the right way. You have probably heard of directors and officers insurance before, but if the company you are working for doesn’t have it, you are at risk. You should be aware of the things that can harm you and all you have worked for.
When you are working hard for a company and putting your name on what you do there can be certain risks involved in that. Many people can see your name as a top official and try to take advantage of what you have. If they believe they are owed compensation from the company you are working for then they can come after you and all of your assets. They can try to bring your name up in the case against the company and you might need to get legal representation because of it. If the company you are working for has directors and officers insurance then you won’t have to worry about any of this. You will not be able to be brought up in any cases.
You’ll be able to focus on your job much better if you have the protection you need. You should require any company you work for to have directors and officers insurance in place.