In today’s world, nursing homes can offer a wide array of services to patients. Because there can be risks associated with providing those services that may not be covered by general and professional liability insurance, it can be important to have adequate nursing home insurance coverage. Here are two types of insurance a nursing home may need in addition to professional and general liability coverage.

Crime Insurance

Nursing home employees can have access to valuable patient belongings as well as access to nursing home property, equipment and supplies. Patients who may have diminished cognitive abilities can be more vulnerable to theft of their belongings. A Crime insurance policy could cover the nursing home’s liability for items that may be stolen from patients by employees and may also cover the cost of employee theft of nursing home property.

Cyber Insurance

Because nursing homes may capture or store patient information on computers, they can be vulnerable to cyber threats and security breaches. This can happen if someone hacks into the nursing home’s computer system or if employees fail to properly secure the data. When a security breach occurs, a nursing home may be liable for compensating affected patients for damages and loss and may be fined if rules were violated. Nursing home insurance coverage that includes a cyber liability policy can cover many of the liabilities and financial expenses a nursing may face if a breach or cyber-attack were to occur.