Your clients who own motorcycles have probably voiced their concerns over finding suitable coverage for their road hogs cialis gel. Owning high-end bikes can make it difficult to get adequate insurance, as can bikes that are built with additional specialty parts. When these bikes are involved in an accident, without proper coverage, this can quickly turn into a nightmare scenario.

At some insurance agencies, whenever you make a claim through your own insurer under collision/ property damage coverage, your claim will only cover the reasonable repair costs of the bike. If the motorcycle is deemed a total loss, the costs of the fair market value of the motorcycle at the time of the collision should hopefully be covered.

At Aegis General Insurance, we strive to offer you policies that your clients can truly appreciate. After all, no two bikes or riders are alike; which is why we make it our job to tailor programs to actually fit your insured’s needs. At Aegis General, we write coverage for motorcyclists of all styles. We realize that it’s important to offer insureds a choice when it comes to motorcycle insurance.

There are a few unique programs specific to a unique class of rider. Our standard program offers coverage for standard touring bikes; we also have a policy for Harley-Davidson motorcycles under our “Harley Program,” as well as a special hazard program providing coverage for sport or unusual motorcycles.

It’s vital that your clients have access to a policy that has the right collision/ property damage clause, and includes uninsured or underinsured coverage (also called UM/UIM coverage) for those instances in which the other driver was at fault for the crash, but either had no insurance coverage or not enough. The UM/UIM coverage also protects them if they were involved in a hit-and-run crash.

Riding a motorcycle offers a completely different experience than the one experienced while driving a car. But this also comes with added risks and exposures that can result in serious consequences. At Aegis General Insurance, we understand this, and we want your clients to go out on the road with the comfort and knowledge that they have the protection they’ll need when they need it.