As the owner of a nightclub you have a heightened level of risk associated with establishments where alcohol is served, and you should be concerned about the conduct of your patrons, many of whom may end up consuming too much, making them capable of heinous acts while they are under the influence.

Assault and battery charges are two very real dangers to your business and you’ll need to be sure your nightclub insurance coverage is adequate for these types of occurrences. Here are some examples of situations that could quite easily escalate to a point where a charge of assault and/or battery could occur:

  1. A minor using a fake I.D. card enters a club and has a few drinks. The minor ends up getting into an argument with another patron. The minor then hits the other patron near the eye with a beer bottle causing significant injuries and requiring eye surgery. The victim is likely going to file a claim against this establishment.
  2. A man consumes several beers while watching a televised hockey game at a neighborhood bar and ends up fighting with another patron. The bar’s bouncer, attempting to break up the fight, grabs one of the men and throws him to the floor. The man requires surgery for multiple injuries sustained and files suit against the bar, claiming his injuries stemmed from the over service of alcohol.
  3. Three friends enter a nightclub, and quickly become involved in an altercation with another patron who was intoxicated. During the fight, the other patron ends up stabbing one of the three friends, and that person ends up having to have emergency surgery at a nearby hospital.
  4. Two patrons, both intoxicated, accidentally bump into each other at the service bar of a hotel. During an ensuing brawl, the larger of the two punches the other in the mouth, resulting in the need for extensive dental work.

A policy limit of $100,000 could quite easily be exhausted from medical and defense costs in any one of these scenarios. Nightclub insurance should be purchased in adequate amounts in order to defend against a major lawsuit due to inebriated customers who may cause physical harm to others.