While no one likes to be involved in an auto accident, those having PA auto insurance on their vehicle are much better off than those without. Besides any legal ramifications, insurance will likely pay to have the car fixed up good as new, less any deductible payment required. This may also depend on who is deemed at fault for the accident.


There are two ways to receive payment for property damage; through a policy the car owner has, or through the at-fault party’s carrier. Anyone who has purchased collision coverage on their policy has ensured that their insurance company will pay for repairs.


If a driver is deemed to not be responsible for the accident occurring then their insurance company will present the claim to the insurance carrier of the person at fault for the accident. The at-fault party’s insurance coverage should pay for any repairs to the victim’s vehicle, including any deductible paid. However, PA state law only requires $5,000 in property damage coverage in a policy, which may not be enough to pay for the repairs. Anyone who decides to go this route should discuss all details with the insurance company regarding total reimbursement.


Who makes the necessary repairs to the vehicle?


The insurance company will inspect the damage so that the insured can make arrangements to fix their car. Most auto insurance companies have a “preferred provider” system for car repair. To help control costs, insurers favor certain body shops or mechanics.


The insured can then drop off their car at the body shop the insurer suggests, and thereby won’t have to haggle over the price of repairs. While the cost-cutting approach sounds great, be aware that some body shops may be pressured to cut corners by using generic or salvage parts instead of using new parts from the car’s original manufacturer. In some instances, parts may not fit as well, not be as strong, or they may rust prematurely. If a reputable mechanic confirms that the vehicle is indeed beyond repair, the insured will likely sign the title over to their PA auto insurance company in exchange for the negotiated value of the vehicle.