Inadequate driving skills can lead to accidents. Safe driving skills can be taught, plus they can also help in reducing car insurance quotes. Learning a few key defensive driving skills is the best way to ensure that the driver will be better prepared when a hazardous situation arises. By not having any accidents on your record you can expect lower rates from car insurance companies in CT.

By following a few simple driving rules a motorist can avoid accidents as well as traffic fines. More importantly, having good defensive driving techniques can end up saving lives. For example, a driver should always keep their eyes constantly moving. Too many motorists develop a habit of staring at a point on the road not far in front of them, or end up staring at the line between lanes, and both are a form of road hypnosis.

In either case this creates a tendency to brake suddenly if the driver becomes startled suddenly. By keeping your eyes constantly moving, and looking in all directions, you’ll be better at noticing your surroundings more adequately. You’ll also be able to react more responsively in the event that a dangerous situation does present itself.

Other ways to reduce the chances of an accident

Making use of side and rear view mirrors helps you to always know what is happening behind the vehicle, as well as to the sides of the car. Being more aware of potential dangers means that there’ll be little or no surprises. For example, improper lane changes are one of the most frequent causes of serious accidents. Many drivers on the road may be tired after a long day of activity, or are simply anxious to get home, and therefore may be driving too quickly. Knowing this can often help you avoid being involved in an accident.

Another good way to speed up your reaction time is by moving your right foot off of the accelerator in order to be ready to brake at a moments notice. Doing so can also help prevent rear end collisions, or at least make the results a less serious issue. Also, if your vehicle is going slower than other traffic this may set up opportunities for collisions on high-speed freeways and highways.

Having a little common sense and providing your full attention to driving can help reduce accidents. Having no accidents on your record is something that most car insurance companies in ct appreciate and reward.