Drone-produced photographs are exciting to view, and in the real estate business, aerial scenes can be effective marketing tools.

As a real estate agent or firm, you could hire a vendor to take photographs via drone or buy equipment to do it yourself. In either case, drone marketing insurance is recommended to protect your business.

Drone Marketing Is a Commercial Use

Flying a drone for fun is a hobby. Flying a drone for business applications is a commercial use that requires training and a certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Commercial or business insurance may not cover specific issues of drone-created marketing and photography. Consider some reasons to buy insurance for marketing with drone-produced photography:

  • Drones can crash, causing injury or property damage.
  • The drone might be destroyed in the accident, and an expensive piece of equipment is lost.
  • Neighbors of property photographed might appear in the background, and they could take legal action based on invasion of privacy.

Your Drone Promotions Need Protection

Drones with equipment capable of taking high-definition video photography can provide a variety of captivating images of properties, buildings and surroundings.

Aerial scenes of property can be a spectacular selling tool. As a real estate professional, using this marketing method is best protected from liabilities with dedicated insurance.