When it’s time for an event such as a wedding, conference or other major gathering, Connectionz quickly built a reputation for itself as the go-to firm that takes care of every detail to the utmost. After starting from scratch in his mom’s garage, Cliff had built up the firm to the point where he had to turn clients away, he was that busy. He’d started with simple disc jockey equipment, but soon extended into complete computer-driven audio visual and synchronized lighting systems, comprehensive karaoke equipment, and then even some decorations such as birch arches, umbrellas, heaters, and more. At one point, he realized that he had more than $50,000 worth of inventory in special laptops, portable microphones and speakers alone! However, keeping track of everything when much of the equipment was in a constant state of checking out and checking in was nerve wracking and difficult, with Cliff always worried about equipment “sprouting legs and walking off” when he was at a job; with so many people around and coming into contact with those items, from event employees to invited guests and his own staff, it was physically impossible to keep an eye on every single item in use at a given function. Cliff breathed a big sigh of relief when his insurance agent recommended he purchase a form of commercial property insurance in New York.

Coverage when Cliff goes off-site to gigs

This important coverage offers a comprehensive inland marine insurance policy, which covers most business property as well as the property of others that is movable or transportable in nature. This is necessary because a standard business owners policy may not always offer protection for Cliff’s tools, computers and equipment when he and his employees are working off premises.

In fact, if one’s business involves repairing, servicing, cleaning, or working on others’ property, the policy again can come to the rescue should an incident occur, offering coverage against losses incurred for goods whether the loss occurs while coming from or going to one’s premises or while the goods are in storage. The nature of Connectionz’ business is such that the policy came in handy when at one point, an entire trunk’s worth of equipment went missing.

To learn more about commercial property insurance in New York, contact a professional insurance agent today. He or she can tell you about how a business on the move can stay well protected.


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