When you are researching what is available in regards to independent living facilities insurance for agents, you certainly are not going to be stuck with one-dimensional coverage options. In fact, coverage can be varied based on a facility’s specific needs. Here are a few features you might want to check out to get started.


Professional Liability Coverage for Residents


Even with the strictest policies, mistakes can be made. This assists in protecting the facility in the case of legal entanglements stemming from medication and food issues as well as injuries sustained by residents. Coverage also extends to allegations of abuse and claims regarding residents’ rights. Those offering residential services may also be covered.


Commercial Property


Whether the facility is plagued by flood, fire or theft, replacement costs can be recouped with proper coverage. This can also assist with residents’ property as well as the breakdown of equipment and expenses incurred as a result.


Workers Compensation


Considering the physical nature of many of the jobs and potential for strain and injury, this is often an important aspect of independent living facilities insurance for agents. Employees are the backbone of a smooth running system and protection for them translates into protection for the entire site.


General Liability Coverage for Non-residents


A place with high volume traffic of non-residents runs the risk of lawsuits including those stemming from bodily injury and damage to personal property. This aspect can add a blanket of protection to the facility.


Coverage can be instrumental in protecting a facility in both the short and long term. Create a base coverage plan then add on to it according to current needs.


photo credit: 12th St David cc