While your business might employ an information technology (IT) person or department, that doesn’t cover all your risk from a cyber breach. Employees often use work arounds to the carefully constructed cyber security protocols. Indiana cyber security insurance complements the protocols, procedures and other elements your IT personnel have implemented to protect your data, servers and other technology from a cyber attack.

Security Risks

Employees installing shadow IT might be unaware of the security risks they bring to the company. Potential risks include:

  • Increase risk of cyber attack
  • Inadequately protected data
  • Failure to back up data
  • Loss of the company’s intellectual data

Shadow IT

Employees can lose both productivity and time troubleshooting problems, installing and managing shadow IT programs in the workplace. Many of the programs are not necessarily compatible with programs installed by the IT department. Or the programs might not be compatible with other widely used programs leading to a loss of data.

Whether your company chooses to embrace or crack down on shadow IT, your company benefits from the protection of an Indiana cyber security insurance policy. Regardless of your stance on shadow IT, employees are likely to still find work around the IT security measures in place increasing your exposures and risks. Insurance provides added protection in the event of a data breach.