Being an artisan contractor can be rewarding work, but it certainly comes with risks. Any time your employees are building, installing or wiring something at a property, there is the potential for injury. As seen on, you need a top-notch workers’ compensation policy to protect the people who work for you.


When you offer a comprehensive worker’s comp plan to your employees, you don’t just protect them from the exorbitant costs of medical treatment and lost wages. You also protect yourself from being sued for these losses. Regardless of who is at fault for the injury, if it happens while on the job, worker’s compensation insurance covers the expenses.

Losses Covered

The range of losses covered by worker’s comp is broad:

Disease exposure hazards
Medical treatment for injury or illness
Temporary or total disability
Death benefits
Lost wages
Job Protection

It is generally illegal for an employer to fire someone who misses work due to an on-the-job injury or an illness caused by conditions at the workplace. Worker’s compensation insurance protects the artisan contractor from job loss as much as expensive medical bills.
If you have employees, you need to protect them by purchasing a solid worker’s comp policy. It benefits both you and your employees to have this policy in place.