Comprehensive HR Evaluations Keep Your Company Running Smoothly

Every well-run company conducts periodic human resources assessments to address potential problems head-on. These evaluations are also a way to identify continual improvement opportunities. When preparing the assessment, it helps to keep certain objectives in mind.

Review Employee Benefits and Training Requirements

The HR assessment should always include a salary review of each job function. Job descriptions must be kept current as well. Make sure the entire compensation package is fair and competitive for each employee.

Training should be a key component of the annual assessment. Supervisors need to review each employee’s performance for the year and design training goals for next year’s professional development. Creating good and trusting relationships with employees should be a top goal for the manager as well.

Review Opportunities for Improvement

Once the assessments are completed, the HR department should create a list of potential problems and suggestions for improvement. Items could include such things as:

  • Employee suggestions and complaints
  • Performance reviews that aren’t up to standard
  • Departments with high turnover rates or understaffing problems
  • Issues with attracting top talent
  • Organizational concerns

It is also critical for the company to remain compliant with all local, state and federal human resources requirements. Laws regarding discrimination and other employee-related policies can change over time, so you must stay current.

Designing a comprehensive human resources assessment will help you address ongoing issues and keep your business running smoothly.