Coverage for Mobile Homes Through Aegis General Insurance

Coverage for Mobile Homes Through Aegis General Insurance

There are close to 40,000 trailer parks in the US, ranging in size from 5 to over 1,000 home sites. While most parks aim to appeal to meeting the basic housing needs of its tenants, some communities tend to specialize towards a specific segment of the market.

Many mobile home parks are havens for retirement communities, with residents of a median age of 55 and older. There are also mobile home parks that act as seasonal communities, often located in mostly popular vacation destinations, or are often used as a location for summer homes for those who prefer this as an option.

Regardless, they both have one thing in common: They are part of an underserved market when it comes to insurance, and Aegis General insurance specializes in serving niche markets where those who need insurance and aren’t quite sure how to go about securing it, have a means of acquiring coverage. As a Program Administrator, Aegis General strives to meet the many challenges this segment of the market faces, with a targeted approach to risk that garners results.

Mobile homes often move from place to place

Mobile homes come in two major sizes, single wide and double wide. A single wide, because of its size, can be towed to their site as a single unit, as where a double wide must be towed to their site in two separate units, which are then joined together. Mobile homes are often sited in land lease communities known as trailer parks which allow home owners to rent space on which to place a home. In addition to providing space, the site often provides basic utilities such as water, sewer, electricity, or natural gas and other amenities such as pools, playgrounds, community rooms, and garbage removal.

These homes are often heavily scrutinized because they tend to be plagued by disasters, including kitchen fires, electrical fires, damage from high winds, and are also often targeted for theft and vandalism. Owners without coverage bear the burden of paying out-of-pocket when their home is stolen or damaged, and the costs could easily become exorbitant, which is why Aegis General would like for you to look at our programs which may be suitable for the people you service.