Workers compensation insurance is required for many employers in order to protect employees from injuries or illness on the job. The specific requirements vary from state to state, and the following outlines the obligation for Florida workers compensation.

Construction Industry

A construction industry employer must acquire workers compensation if they employee one or more full or part-time employees. If a contractor sub-contracts part or all of their work, he or she must get proof of this coverage from all sub-contractors before any work is done. If not, and the sub-contractor is not covered, the contractor will be responsible for paying any compensation benefits to the employees of the sub-contractor.

Non-Construction Industry

An employer who works in any industry besides construction or agriculture must provide Florida workers compensation coverage if they employ four or more full or part-time employees. Members of an LLC with ownership of 10% or more and corporate offices are considered to be employees unless they exempt themselves.

Agricultural Industry

Employers in the agricultural industry must obtain workers comp insurance if they employ six or more regular employees and/or a minimum of 12 seasonal employees. These employees must work for more than 30 days a year.

As an employer it is important to understand the requirements in regards to Florida workers compensation. It can be very costly for those who are not properly insured.