Crime insurance New Jersey

When business professionals in New Jersey decide which types of insurance to seek for their companies, they often select policies for general liability, property, worker’s compensation, and other similar focuses. While these are essential to protect certain workplace operations, they do not adequately cover all corporate business aspects. Unfortunately, every company is subject to some form of inner or outer-office theft. This means that seeking crime insurance in New Jersey is a necessity for optimal coverage.

Types of Losses

There are many ways in which theft can be carried out against a company, either on the premises or away from it. Some of the most common losses include:

  • Robberies and hold-ups, which are defined as acts of stealing money or property by way of force and the threat of violence. Whether a person is robbed within their office, in a parking lot or elsewhere, crime insurance in New Jersey covers any thievery of corporate possessions as long as they were in the custody of an employee at the time of robbery.
  • Burglary, which entails breaking into a building while it is closed for business, destroying property and unlawfully taking securities. Policies also protect against the stealing of authorized office resources through burglary at an employee’s home. Safe burglary is a separate insurance add-on.
  • Employee dishonesty, which involves workers attaining certain corporate assets through criminal means.

The best way to safeguard businesses against theft is to obtain coverage through crime insurance in New Jersey.