The use of cannabis to treat health problems is no longer seen as abnormal or cutting edge. It’s now common for health providers to treat epilepsy, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and PTSD with cannabis.

Why Some People Prefer Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is generally comprised of highly concentrated CBD and/or THC so it can provide greater benefit in less time than smoking or eating edibles. Vaping cannabis oil in an e-cigarette is much more convenient and discreet than smoking a joint or a pipe.

Different Types of Cannabis Oil

While there are many different types of cannabis oil one common consumer question is whether they should use full extract cannabis oil (FECO) or Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). While both are highly concentrated forms of cannabis there are differences, the primary difference is almost always controversial among prolific consumers. You can find both products rather easily. High-quality FECO products are available at a variety of locations and on sites such as To answer the question of feco vs rso for you, here is some additional information about both types.
Full Extract Cannabis Oil: This highly concentrated oil is made by using food-grade ethyl alcohol for extraction.
Rick Simpson Oil: This is also a highly concentrated oil, but it is extracted with Naptha, which is a combustible petroleum product that can be found in both lighters and napalm.
Cannabis users that prefer all-natural or organic products will almost always choose full extract oil.